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Taken from Martin Solveig’s recently released fifth studio album, entitled ”Smash”, Big In Japan – featuring Canadian electro-pop trio Dragonette and, appropriately enough, the dynamic Japanese female group Idoling!!! – gets the remix treatment. Quite remindful of one of its prosperous predecessors, Hello, the single that is told to be the next major off the hands of the Parisian reflects upon a pop-like feel with a dash of retro and induces, alike former Solveig singles, producers a desire to creatively process the playful Solveig instrumentals.

Armed with their filthiest and hottest electro sound combinations to date, the first remix duty hails from the holy grail of electronic dance music, Amsterdam, and the corner of the up-and-coming Les Bros duo. Borrowing heavily from the original’s memorable build-ups and colorful vocals, the remix later emerges in its natural grace with a uniquely knitted dubstep and electro-house blend of intermittent beeps, fierce baselines and their sturdy signature wobbles to show the Dutchmen’s aspiring production knack.

Also aboard this package is a remix from Melbourne residents of Denzal Park. Apart from the futuristic Les Bros take, the Aussie interpretation represents that traditionally thumping club sound, only in a better shape than ever. Atop the cheeky and catchy vocals, Denzal Park add a repetetive chord progression which fluctuates in between an essential siren crescendo and a dark, hard-hitting drop adapted to fully cause impact in everything from your local bar to the most sophisticated of nightclubs.

The remix package to ‘Big In Japan’ is now out on Martin Solveig’s own Mixture Stereophonic label.

Martin Solveig & Dragonette feat. Idoling!!! – Big In Japan (Les Bros & Denzal Park Remixes) [Mixture Stereophonic] – Beatport Link

Martin Solveig & Dragonette feat. Idoling!!! – Big In Japan (Les Bros Remix)Martin Solveig & Dragonette feat. Idoling!!! – Big In Japan (Denzal Park Remix)