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Deep into the season that uplifting grooves were made for, the latest collaborative endeavor of British club assets Kevin Andrews and Jason Chance receives a groove-lade remodel from Hungarian House force Lauer & Canard. Off the back of their recent remix duties for K-Klass and Reza’s ‘Let The Freak’, lingering grooves and discordant melodic stabs mark a fertile leap to the Deep for this tribal peak timer. By far one of the more profound transformations from sun kissed club grooves to heavyset House, Lauer & Canard emerge as yet another fine European asset out to mix it up for modern Dance music.

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Words by Dan Carter

With his latest remix for Defected on the shelves, Spain’s David Penn continues his outlet of top-class productions á la his distinguished exotic beats. Penn is hereby unleashing his meaty version of Muzzaik’s tune called Work It, featuring the groovy voice of Zaida. With the assistance of that immensely catchy beat, I’m not surprised over the impact he and his compatriots of the New Iberican League have made over the past couple of months. It’s available now on Lip Recordings!

Muzzaik feat. Zaida – Work It (David Penn Remix) [Lip Recordings] – Beatport Link