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Where the still unreleased ‘Surrender‘ set the tone for a future of well-oiled gems earlier this year, Amsterdam’s Marc Benjamin returns to make his Dim Mak Records debut with an uplifting new track in ‘Games’.

Encapsulating an energy that derives away from the familiar moody blues of winter, ‘Games’ sets a canvas of Progressive beats and prancing synth play to deal a blow of euphoric vibes left right and centre. In an industry faced with countless repetitions and recycled riffs, Benjamin’s first release on the record label of Steve Aoki spells melodic club fuel at its finer.

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Amsterdam’s own Marc Benjamin may not be a familiar face amid the overcrowded Dutch House scene. But with a host of promising live appearances across the globe and an undeniable drive to succeed, the young producer has certainly been grabbing the attention of the right people.

Already played extensively by Tiësto both in the clubs and on the airwaves, his latest studio outing ‘Surrender’ puts him comfortably in the region of stern Progressive club fuel. Leading with a host of tightly defined synth work, his onslaught of acidesque leads that scale the tracks well-oiled beats bring together a promising breakthrough for the young producer. Proving as memorable as it is well produced, Benjamin proves himself an integral new school Dutch asset with ‘Surrender’.

Marc Benjamin – Surrender

Words by Dan Carter