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While the general consensus goes that the work of the King Of Pop is best left untouched, Australian producer Late Nite Tuff Guy clearly has other ideas. Much unlike the vast majority of reworks for Michael Jackson, Late Nite Tuff Guy plunges a bit deeper into the Michael Jackson discography to take on rework duties for Jackson’s 1979 song ‘It’s The Falling In Love’ alongside Patti Austin. Teeming with deep grooves, the Aussie producer drives a smooth yet funky array of analogue leads alongside the tracks intimate beat work to pen a rework rife with feel-good vibes, creating a track that would make the King Of Pop himself proud in the process.

A lot has changed on the popular music since the unfortunate passing of Michael Jackson some three years ago. So when his estate came to plan their celebrations of the anniversary of Jackson’s seventh artist album ‘Bad’ alongside Pepsi and Sony Music, the latter chose to embrace the influx op Pop/Chart collaborative stylings with a revamped re-release featuring remastered tracks, unheard demos, and a string of remixes.

Now as aptly poised on the global charts as he is on the Dance floor, Amsterdam’s Nick Van De Wall drops his daring contribution to the anniversary celebrations. But where his celebrity associations were thought to have been Afrojack’s biggest trial by fire to date, his more reserved take on ‘Bad’ is as respectful a remix as possible under the controversial circumstances. Ditching the bleeps for a 128PM breeze over the timeless top line, his digression of grinding chords and severe pitch bends lead with relative consistency, but don’t quite stay true to the original qualities that made ‘Bad’ such a coming-of-age pop anthem. Although acting as a relatively inoffensive nod to the king of pop, the general consensus remains that the work of Michael Jackson is best left untouched.

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Merely three years after his unfortunate passing, Michael Jackson’s estate has partnered with Pepsi and Sony Music to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his legendary seventh artist album ”Bad” with a revamped re-release featuring remastered tracks, unheard demos, and a string of remixes. But with mixed enthusiasm and a lot of speculation surrounding a controversial fusion of two opposite musical forces, Sony has turned to some of the pioneers of the ever expanding Electronic Dance Music scene in a wholehearted attempt to take the ever timeless sounds of the King of Pop to the dancefloor.

Stepping up to the mark for his most daring effort to date, Dutch chart-smasher Afrojack is first to bat for the remix package. Treating the original with as much respect one could have hoped for, Nick van de Wall takes a somewhat laidback approach to the track, preserving its unremitting arrangements while still maintaining the hallmarks of an actual remix. But digressing from his signature bleeps, Afrojack boosts the original from 111 to 128 BPM, adding chunkier drum work to the original before fully dropping anything Jackson related to give the production a more notable feel of Afrojack in a mixture of momentous pitchbends and the Dutchman’s signature distorted chord play. That being said, this first outtake from the remix package plays further testament to our believes that a Michael Jackson original is best left untouched.

”Bad 25″ will hit digital stores on September 18, also including remixes from the likes of A-Trak and Diplo.