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Any seasoned House head is sure to be familiar with the catchy qualities of ‘Here Comes That Sound’. Evidently uncontent with the various remixes and remodels on offer, Belgian based producer Mystique and his Parisian peer Mercer turn their heads to the familiar club favorite off the heels of Mystique’s last single ‘Sausage‘ alongside Amro. Loaded with bass and playing comfortably with the original’s infectious topline, the duo marks their biggest release to date with considerable style. While the distance between Belgium and Paris is sure to make for a considerable disadvantage, this poignant peak timer swears by the heavyset beat to prove a worthy addition of talent to the Spinnin Records stronghold.

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Words by Dan Carter

Hot on the heels from the release of ‘Sausage‘ alongside Amro, Belgium’s Mystique combines forces with Paris-based Mercer for their unquestionably biggest release to date. A multifaceted production in its own right, ‘Here Comes That Sound’ boasts a neoteric mixture of bass-filled, heavyset beats, melodic leads and a vocal line more reminiscent of that of a chunky Tech House production. Joining in alongside the likes of Tommy Trash and Digitalism’s ‘Falling‘, Mystique and Mercer’s cross-nation effort ‘Here Comes That Sound’ brings yet more fuel to Spinnin’ Records’ on-going onslaught of eccentric cuts for a summer deemed as the club music scene’s biggest one thus far.

Set for release July 30th.


Where Holland may have previously led the way for Electronic musics heavier accolades, Belgian duo Mystique and Amro look set to rewrite the rule book of bass fuelled Electro with ‘Sausage’. Led by a distinctly melodic canvas of sharp leads and rising atmospherics, ‘Sausage’ is well and truly a low-end affair at its strongest moments. With a grinding force worthy of even the most prestigious of Electro enthusiasts, its pitted Bass play and concise beats make for a stern take on the Progressive/Electro crossover. While its overall production values may not be as consistent as its heavyset breakdown, there is a world of festival infused energy firmly injected into this promising collaborative effort.

Mystique & Amro – Sausage [News Records] – iTunes Link (No. 24)

Mystique & AMRO – Sausage

Words by Dan Carter