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Being the major export of House and all its subgenres in Germany lately, Dabruck & Klein are now presenting the long-awaited album, 2:48 AM, which has been buzzing around for quite some time now. Going from the heavenly symphonies of Heartbeat to the rawer and chunkier beats of Dawn Breaks, one can surely say the German duo are responsible for having delivered one successful album, brought together by the masterminds alongside vocalists from all around the globe as well as a co-producing part taken by the legendary Joachim Garraud from France. A cohesive and remarkable journey of what it’s all about, house music!

Dabruck & Klein – 2:48 (Album) [Napith Music] – iTunes Link


01. Heartbeat (feat. Stella Attar)
02. Stop (Enough Is Enough) (with Joachim Garraud feat. Dj Roland Clark)
03. The Flavour (feat. Julian Smith)
04. Dawn Breaks
05. I Found Love (feat. Ollie James)
06. Motorcycle
07. I’ve Got My Pride (Hold My Head High) (with Jean Elan)
08. 2:48 AM
09. Get Away (with Stafford Brothers feat. Ollie James)
10. Freak (with Gregori Klosman)
11. What You Want (feat. Dennis Peter)
12. Mr. Marsten
13. All About You (feat. Anna McDonald)
13. Lönneberga (with Albin Myers)
14. Music0 (feat. Aleksey)
15. B… To The Beat
16. Wisdom