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Although some may say the acclamation of Anjunabeats label has reached its pinnacle, I’d say we’re yet just in the beginning of their steady ascent ahead. With hit-smiths like Arty, Mat Zo and Andrew Bayer forming the record imprint’s successful march in 2011, the label is back to unearth Anjunabeats artist Krzysztof Pretkiewicz, better known as Nitrous Oxide, from Poland for the incursion of his hottest offering yet. With indisputable anthems like Around The World, Kate, Frequency Flyer, Rebound, Superman and the forthcoming Mozart being a bundle of essential assets to clubbing this year, the record label of Above & Beyond, currently placed at #5 in DJ Mag’s top 100 poll, heralds another smash on their behalf.

Anthemic trance chords, grinding baselines and a sensual break, all of which are at the mercy of iPeople, evoke that certain hypnosis which induces a strong volition to move. In an era where all sorts of electronic dance music go pretty much hand-in-hand and fall, unitedly, into line under one federated banner, iPeople has seen wide success on dancefloors all around lately.

Nitrous Oxide – iPeople [Anjunabeats] – Beatport Link