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With five studio albums under his belt and highly-acclaimed single ‘Sky and Sand’ still doing the rounds, Germany’s Paul Kalkbrenner makes a high-profile return to the forefront for the long-awaited release of his sixth studio album.

Staying true to the sound that has fuelled his rise to fame throughout, ‘Guten Tag’ sees Kalkbrenner collect a 17-track album of raw Techno and movie-like pieces of music alike. In contrast to fellow brother and collaborator Fritz who based his recent second studio album around smooth vocals and sophisticated bass maneuvers, Paul plunges deep into the realms of electronic music for a far more diverse full-length that deals exclusively in instrumental tracks. Despite not being as thoroughly futuristic as one might’ve hoped, ‘Guten Tag’ remains a firm reminder that there is more to dance music than high-pitched synths and grinding Electro House.

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00:00 – Schnurbi
00:45 – Der Stabsvörnern
01:30 – Kernspalte
02:15 – Spitz-Auge
03:00 – Globale Gehung
03:35 – Das Gezabel
04:20 – Vörnern-Anwärter
05:05 – Hinrich Zur See
05:50 – Der Buhold
06:35 – Speiseberndchen
07:20 – Fochleise-Kassette
07:55 – Trümmerung
08:40 – Datenzwerg
09:15 – Schwer Verbindlich
10:00 – Der Ast-Spink
10:45 – Bieres Meuse
11:30 – Das Gezabel De Luxe

Germany’s internationally renowned Paul Kalkbrenner of ”Berlin Calling” fame makes his way back to the forefront after last year’s release of his seventh album for the release of the first single off of his forthcoming eighth album. While there may never again be a record like ‘Sky And Sand’, the ceaseless melodic surges and minimalistic charm of Kalkbrenner’s latest release suggest that among the times of mainstream accumulation, electronica with creative soul still exists amid the European movement. And if ‘Das Gezabel’ is anything to go by, the German’s eighth album looks to go down as one of his most potent offerings to date.

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Check out this trailer for the forthcoming documentary featuring the German electronic artist Paul Kalkbrenner in which we get an insight of his real life!

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