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Always eclectic and rarely found rooted to one locality, globetrotting British producer turned label head Chris Lake has had another solid year on all professional fronts. Back behind the stronghold of his Rising Music imprint, Lake collects the finest spoils of his impending musical powerhouse with a fresh nod to the potential of post-summer clubbing.

Placing classic Electro House synth play against a strong tropical backdrop, Nom De Strip’s ‘Give It To Me’ successfully sets the diverse cluster of tracks in motion, with ‘It’s All Good’ from Birdee exercising strong and uplifting House hallmarks from the outset. While returning label contributor Jim Breese and Chris Coco deal in solid House beats and infectious sample work, Paul Strive’s elegant grooves and sharp laser leads brings a new energy to the ranks of rhythmically charged club cuts. Finished off by Fire Flowerz all-out House overhaul of ‘It’s All Good’, Lake sets a precedent for the quality of independent Dance music despite in spite of the colder backdrop of 2012.

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Get your grooving boxers on, because Cr2 Records is most certainly heating up the place with the consistent sounds of Turn Me On, for which Italy-based tech specialist Marco Lys teams up with Cr2’s newly acquired tech aspirant from Hungary, Paul Strive. With a sound contrast, that lays in between the catchiest of guitar and growling, dark piano tones, Turn Me On is brought out as the record label’s most eminent and unique tech offering in 2011. The imprint that’s well on their way of bringing up talents like Strive and Pierce Fulton is presenting us with a rather astonishing collaboration. The established Mr. Lys is surely recognized from his recurringly high-quality appearances such as GO on Rising, the remix on Weekend as well as his 2010 album with Chris Lake to name a few. Following the more commercial releases of What Happens In Vegas and Don’t Be Afraid, Cr2 returns to their trademarked tech outputs.

Marco Lys & Paul Strive – Turn Me On [Cr2 Records] – Beatport Link