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Fresh off the heels from their remix of Can’t Wait, Mick Kastenholt and Andrew Dee are installing themselves on Peak Hour Music yet again to follow in the footprints, created by the official release of our exclusive free give-away – Check This Out. Their twist of Dutch house is getting another enactment in shape of the hardhitting Oh My Ha single, set to pave the way for further prosperity as they’re currently riding the wave their remix of Swede Dreams has provided for them.

Mick Kastenholt & Andrew Dee – Oh My Ha [Peak Hour Music] – Beatport Link


Having just fired away their stunning remix of Avicii’s brilliant Sweet Dreams, the two Swedes Mick Kastenholt and Andrew Dee are preparing for to unleash their next beast, a smashing new single named Oh My Ha! Going from brilliantly sweeping sounds to an absolute killer set of beats, this weapon of mass destruction is ready to pave way for yet another smashing release from the talented co-producers. It’s due to be released on the 16th of June through Peak Hour Music, have a listen!

/Anton & Jesper