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Proven an essential asset to the bigger picture in European Progressive House over the past few years, Antillas calls upon Italy based trio 7Tales to drop their peak time contender ‘Euphoria’ on his Pink Rabbit Records imprint. Leaping from a hypnotic canvas of euphoric lead work, the Italians’ second release on the label plays out aptly to its title with solid festival-esque substance. On the back of his solid synth riffs and potent beat work, 7Tales emerge as one of the more sound investments to Pink Rabbit’s impending Progressive and Electro empire for 2012.

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Words by Dan Carter

Since its inception in late 2009, Pink Rabbit Records, the record label of Antillas, has found itself becoming a recognizable release platform with a penchant for bringing up aspirants from across Europe. Now returning for another year of unorthodox and promising releases, Rome-based Oza and Italy-born, Spain-based Vitodito are brought onboard to carry the light for Pink Rabbit’s proceedings in 2012. With playful vocals, synonymous with those that have been seen dominating the Euro-Dance circuit for years now, hovering atop melodic, summerish synth play and steady beats, Kawaii emerges as a bliss-filled contender for the warmer times ahead. Alongside the delightful original is also a Re-Lectro mix, which replaces the original joyful set-up with a considerably sweepier and catchier lead, peaked by the popular filter effect that has gone globally viral these past few months, and a vigorous kick for a solid part of this forthcoming pack.

Oza & Vitodito – Kawaii (Incl. Re-Lectro Mix) [Pink Rabbit] – Beatport Link

Oza & Vitodito – Kawaii
Oza & Vitodito – Kawaii (Re-Lectro Mix)


Following the highly supported release of Crooked Lightning in mid May, Antillas’ Pink Rabbit Records presents the sequel in shape of a well formed hit from Moldavian DJ and producer Hy2rogen, primarily known for his bouncy remix of Steve Angello’s Tivoli alongside Fr3cky. Vitality is the next joint to fall into line under his vast back catalogue of several sounds, going from a sensitive breakdown to a acid-structurized killer cut of a beat in one peak-time transit.

Hy2rogen – Vitality [Pink Rabbit Records] – Beatport Link



The Italy DJ’s and producers Antillas and Dankann have been responsible for numerous gate-crashers over the past couple of years, including the immense and highly supported rework of Christian Marchi and Nari & Milani’s I Got You, featuring the voice of Max C, among others. Taking on Pier Poropat and Adam Rickfors‘ new single Crooked Lightning on Pink Rabbit Records, it does surely seem we’ve got yet another smash on our hands from the Italians, going from a brilliant breakdown resonance fluctating with an epic siren as it’s approaching a drum-driven drop.

Pier Poropat & Adam Rickfors vs. Antillas – Crooked Lightning (Antillas & Dankann Rework) [Pink Rabbit Records] – Beatport Link