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Following up on their latest single called Hybris, Sweden-based talents Fallen Ken and Marcus Prime join forces yet again, this time also with the Warner singer Desireé Duvringe and her wonderful voice to grace their new single called Don’t Love. Signed to PR Records, it’s setting sails towards a release on April 28th, have a listen!


It was at first set to be released on December 3rd but unfortunately something went wrong so a new release date was decided – December 23rd. Anyhow, it has landed! The co-producing tripod iTod, J.J and Junior join forces with Ted Nilsson to bring us a piano banger named Hear Me Say, don’t miss out!

iTod, Junior, J.J & Ted Nilsson – Hear Me Say [Discopolis Recordings] – Beatport Link


An amazing remix by the Sweden-based DJ/producer Rogerio Lopez. He’s remixed a track from the guys who made Six Feet Under. This remix is getting released on PR Records, no release date has been notified yet. Enjoy this bad ass track!

Junior, iTod & J.J ft Missum – i can lead(Rogerio Lopez Remix)soundcloud preview by RogerioLopez