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A definite taste-maker in the tech house scene, Tomcraft’s Great Stuff Recordings’ ‘quality-over-quantity’ approach has never proven anything but a winning formula amidst the industry’s most lucrative state thus far. But however attempting to drop the ultimate soundtrack for the summer season, Great Stuff release episode four of their ”Grooves” compilation series, featuring a remarkable 14 tech-oriented cuts.

Blazing through a selection from the likes of Ant Brooks, Christian Cambas, NDKj, Sergio Fernandez amongst others, Italy’s Marco Lys unites with Hoxton Whores and Hurr for a Pleasurekraft-esque contribution. Teeming with chunky kicks and playful, vocal-sounding lead play, ‘Novosibirisk’ acts as something of a stellar asset to the Munich-based imprint’s latest offering, still leaving plenty of room for the Balearic groove of Rob Mirage’s ‘New Jack Funk’ and others to help make up one of Great Stuff’s most consistent compilations to date.

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Marco Lys, Hoxton Whores & Hurr – Novosibirsk
Rob Mirage – New Jack Funk