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As far as enigmatic British producers are concerned, Sona Vabos has proven one of the country’s most exciting assets of late. Back to follow-up last year’s remix spree for the label, his return to Fatboy Slim’s Southern Fried Records beckons the soulful House wizardry that he has become a beacon to.

Led by the aptly titled ‘So Good’, the ‘Four Trax’ EP plays out with the rhythmic precision and and piano-driven sound that the London-based producer can well call his speciality. Where Vabos’ warm keys and ethnic leads pad out the majority of his first offering of 2013, its consistent energy makes for a strong solo release for this beloved producer.

Out now on Beatport.

Back on Southern Fried Records after putting his twist on Crookers’ ”The Gonzo Anthem,” Italy’s His Majesty Andre returns with an aptly titled track that has been paying its dues as an acclaimed opener in the live sets of big beat veteran Fatboy Slim throughout the year.

Still alight from his remix for Lazy Ants and The Phantom’s Revenge’s ”Feeling,” the Milan producer embraces a refreshing take on Electro with a firm head for the modern energy surrounding his craft. Rich with enigmatic keys, euphoric synth leads and a sinewy male vocal, ‘Hymn’ sparks a stern and melodic nod to the forward thinking properties that have continued to separate him from the hordes of global contenders. But in a turn for the deeper realms of Dance music, Mickey is on hand with a synth-led vintage remix while Sona Vabos employs an acid-esque sound for his dark take on the track.

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