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Coming off an inclusion in February’s ‘Purple’ EP, Dinka’s ‘Lotus’ joins the ranks of Silk Royal Records to receive a slew of Armin van Buuren-approved remixes from both sides of the pond.

First to bat for the remix package, Canadian Soundprank puts a buoyant twist on the original. Showcasing a blend of beatific synth work and blistering undertones, Colin Fisher’s mellifluous take of ‘Lotus’ marks one of his best works in a long time. But invoking the same euphoric feelings, aspiring Swede Johan Vilborg rounds off the two-piece remix package with an emotive refit of a considerably more energetic nature.

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Being the distributor of our choice as the album of 2010, Anjunadeep Records presents their 94th instalment in the shape of an emotional EP by Soundprank. It features two tracks called The Far Side and Cloudsound, check it out!

Soundprank – The Far Side / Cloudsound EP [Anjunadeep Records] – Beatport Link


Anjunadeep has had a great year hosting many brilliant prog releases and the, to say the least, extraordinary Michael Cassette album Temporarity. Let’s hope the next year gets to be as big as this one has been for the prog-influenced label. Starting off the year of 2011 with an EP by Soundprank featuring two tracks called The Far Side and Cloudsound proves no exception. It’s set to be released on January 24th, have a listen!

Soundprank – The Far Side
Soundprank – Cloudsound

/Jesper & Anton