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A great track made by The House Keepers featuring vocalist Camille Jones. Delivering of this release is none other than Nero Recordings, heavy vocals mixed with a sweet piano sound shifting with a darker beat results in a perfect track!

Another delivery package from the Swedish progressive label Nellie Recordings, this time with Enhanced Waters made by Terry Da Libra, check it out!

The House Keepers feat. Camille Jones – Better Forget (Original + Remixes) [BP Link]
Terry Da Libra – Enhanced Waters (Original + Remixes) [BP Link]


The House Keepers is truly a name to keep an eye open for! Featuring vocalist Camille Jones and three remixes from DJ Umile & DJ Martin,  and with massive support – this release is being dropped on August 16th on Nero Recordings.

Supported by: Roger Sanchez, Paulette, Warren Clarke, Stonbridge, Francesco Diaz, Stephan M, Paul Hughes, Hed Kandi, Radio FG, Kiss FM, Juice FM and many more!