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Despite their ability to start comeback show tickets at £100 a go, the general consensus remains that The Rolling Stones are a priceless asset to British Rock music. Try telling this to Benny Benassi, whose daring nature sees the Italian producer let loose his club sensibilities upon the band’s recent return to the charts, ‘Doom and Gloom’.

Given a first play by Pete Tong on his Essential Selection show, Benassi’s usually inoffensive studio charm is tested to the extreme courtesy of his digression to the ranks of nostalgic Rock anthemia. As melodic and uplifting as we have come to expect from the Italian producer, the pressure of playing with the big guns is immediately evident within the compositional qualities of the remix. As audacious as his intentions may have been, the overarching feeling remains that some things in music are best left alone – the beloved work of The Rolling Stones being one of them.

Out December 9th.

Words by Dan Carter