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With the recent release of his latest single, Saga, on the shelves, Markus Binapfl’s amazing remix of Dj Jesus LuzEvery Single Girl Tonight has finally seen the light of day. The Berlin-based producer is a well-known fellow in the industry and remix of his is surely enacting that. It’s available now on Tiger Records, check it out!

Dj Jesus Luz – Every Single Girl Tonight (Markus Binapfl Remix) [Tiger Records] – Beatport Link


With his killer cut of Jason Chance’s Looking Forward on the shelves, tech-specialist Stefano Noferini delivers yet another feel-good remix, this time of Dj Ortzy and Mark M’s Party In Miami featuring a cool vocal from Aria. The Italian producer has been cooped up in the studio a lot lately and is currently topical with a handful releases. This is the latest one out of his lab, available now on Tiger Records!

Dj Ortzy & Mark M feat. Aria - Party In Miami 2011 (Stefano Noferini Remix) [Tiger Records] – Beatport Link

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With the latest well-known Defected instalment of his, New Day, on the shelves, Olav Basoski is now presenting yet another great funk piece. It’s a remix of Dj Ortzy’s Party In Miami and seems to be his tribute to the Winter Music Conference in Miami this year. It’s out now on Tiger Records, check it out!

Dj Ortzy – Party In Miami 2011 (Olav Basoski Remix) [Tiger Records] – Beatport Link


Markus Binapfl fires away a preview of his forthcoming version of Dj Jesus LuzEvery Single Girl Tonight. A sweet symphonic touch to it delivering a harmonic feeling combined, soon to be released through Tiger Records, enjoy!