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London and Helsinki’s new kids on the block Trampboat make their way back to Miles Dyson’s Houserecordings imprint in a bid to top their latest coming to the label, ‘Stania‘. Reminiscent of it’s predecessor, ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ boasts the same intricate weavings of melodic play and noteworthy dubstep-influences, signalling improvements as far as their production dexterity is concerned in the process. Currently sitting on an impressive #25 on Beatport’s top 100 chart, there is little to no indication that we will see this British/Finnish collective head anywhere but upwards for the remainder of the year.

Beatport Link

Trampboat – Fresh Off The Boat

Outside of their absurd moniker, British/Finnish long-distance production outfit have made some formative marks on the ever-popular Dub Step genre. But turning their heads to its wicked House orientated club peer, Trampboat’s latest Electro House outing ‘Stania’ for Plasmapool sub-label Houserecordings sets aside any misconceptions of limited studio guises.

Jumping between fidgety synth leads and intense stadium-worthy chord play, their grinding sound scope of sturdy kicks and piercing lead play are a testament to underdog productions of a moderately high calibre. While missing out on the epic production values of their more esteemed peers, the distance has clearly not diluted this fierce up and coming outfit of promising traits.

Trampboat – Stania [Houserecordings] – Beatport Link

Trampboat – Stania

Words by Dan Carter