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As Revealed artists continue to extend their reign on the gritty terrains of festival proof Electro House, Mr. Fluff’s ‘Fearless Hearts’ receives a fresh lick of paint from Holland based young blood Jordy Van Oostveen, also known as Jordy Dazz.

With his latest Revealed release ‘Fuego’ alongside Dannic still doing the rounds and with heavy support on Hardwell’s Essential Mix debut, the ambitious Dutchman utilizes the vocal assets of ‘Fearless Hearts’ and injects a thorough dose of persistent misshapen chord play to the equation, proving that Oostveen’s youthful enthusiasm and solid production values are enough to keep the vast majority excited for such future assets as Jordy Dazz.

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Amid a summer of mixed club cuts and an overarching emphasis on the festival crowd, the rising Electro moniker of Jon Pegnato known formally on the floor as Hot Mouth turns his finely tuned studio dialect to fellow LA beat mongers LAZRtag’s ‘Let Me See Those Hands’.

Pumped with the same tectonic charm that saw Chris Lake’s Rising Music imprint embrace his tightly woven club cuts, Peganto’s stubborn lead play is matched with a heavyset of mechanical beats that command aural observation from the outset. In an age where the influence of a peak time number remains crucial to the widespread Dance resurgence, this quirky take on the familiar genre corroborates the rising infamy of this 21st century Electro crusader.

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LAZRtag – Let Me See Those Hands (Hot Mouth Remix)

Words by Dan Carter

Simmering hot off his debut as a newly acquired DJ and producer of the Australia based Vicious Recordings, the remix on Ryan Kono’s Someday, Franz Novotny’s eagerly-awaited first single is out. Despite his utterly fresh and little experience of anything electronic dance music and the dance-friendly chords one can achieve from computer software, the Swedish producer has boasted incredible awareness of how to blend sounds in the best possible way meanwhile screening a rendering deftness that is worthy of being compared with the top-tier of producers. Weaving clean and kicking electro beats together with a simple, synth filled lead melody for the set weapon that is Crunch, the keen anticipation for the release of the Kaskade-supported sequel, entitled Big Bang, is yet ascending.

Franz Novotny – Crunch [Vicious Recordings] – Beatport Link


Merely a week til’ his very first single release – CrunchFranz Novotny makes his debut as the essential aspirant of the Australia based Vicious Recordings. Havng boasted remarkable proficiency on everything producing, the 18 year old Swede offers his superb interpretation of the Jakarta-bred Ryan Kono’s second single out from Vicious – Someday. Borrowing heavily from the ravishing big room progression of Kono’s original composition, Novotny, influenced by the crisp and dashing sounds of Dutch house, supplements with a grinding electro lead to originate broader dynamics out of the invariant, synth-driven original. Also having the Big Bang release, which has been steadily played by the likes of Kaskade among others, coming up on the record imprint from down-under, the Franz Novotny frenzy is preparing to plant its conquest shortly.

Ryan Kono – Someday (Franz Novotny Remix) [Vicious Recordings] – Beatport Link


As premiered by Kaskade at Tomorrowland Festival 2011, San Francisco-based Ken Loi screens a new remix of his. Irrupting onto the House scene in early February with the release of his take on Only You by Kaskade and Tiësto, Loi continues to shew as the stellar talent he is with a hard and solid rendering of progressive house. Also behind remixes on Cobra Starship’s You Make Me Feel and Wynter Gordon’s Til Death single this year, Loi is now preparing to instal himself on Australia-stationed Vicious Recordings with this credible remix of The Potbelleez and the electro foursome’s one month old Midnight Midnight single. The rather puerile but ever so catchy acappella is put on the disposal of the American up-and-comer for a forthcoming release on the label that this year is responsible for dropping Avicii’s Jailbait and Snus singles among many others.


Following the globally successful remix of Sgt Slick’s EverydayDigital Lab teams up with his wingman Pedro Henriques to release their sequel to the Vicious single from late January. This time, bringing the Belgium-stationed Yves V, that gained recognition from being a part of Madagascar alongside Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike andAngger Dimas, on board for another ride towards Australia and Vicious Recordings with the dynamic Forever. With the trenchant mix of acid-aspiring sounds and big room synth leads, this tune is nothing short of awaited. Whilst also having a remix on Fire In Your New Shoes coming up, they are yet again entering the spotlight with the release of this meaty production.

Yves V, Digital Lab & Pedro Henriques – Forever [Vicious Recordings] – Beatport Link


To breach the barriers of the electronic dance music industry, a certain uniqueness is required. Sweden’s intriguing Franz Novotny has just that – a blend of various sounds brought together to reach the wished-for climax that producers are working years to accomplish. As the dynamics of his recently unveiled ‘Crunch‘ single is emerging Vicious Recordings, the young talent from Gothenburg is hereby uncovering another single to be released via the Aussie imprint by the end of the Summer. With a steadily increasing support from the world’s biggest DJs at his mercy, the future of his follow-up to ‘Crunch’, titled ‘Big Bang’, is surely looking bright with its firm flip from a high-pitched setting of synths to heavy dirty Dutch-oriented beats, making this a suitable contender for big room venues.

‘Big Bang’ is released May 7th 2012 via Vicious Recordings.


Avicii kickstarted the year of 2011 off with the release of his Street Dancer single on Vicious Recordings and is now returning to battle in form of the fluctating remix from Liverpool-stationed Dave Whelan and Mike Di Scala, a producer currently topical with the new Am I On Your Mind single alongside eSQUIRE. With the remix from Tristan Garner released, the new piano smash of a remix is taking place to brim dance events during the Summer with its sweeping, sun kissed sound.

Avicii – Street Dancer (Whelan & Di Scala Remix) [Vicious Recordings] – iTunes Link


It was last year’s My Feelings For You that resulted in the breakthrough of Avicii and Sebastien Drums and as of mid March of this year, the follow-up single Snus uncovered the embellished sounds of piano house yet again with the established release on Aussie imprint Vicious Recordings. Their 2011 trademarker returns to its fellow house press in shape of a second package, consisting of a total of three remixes, headlined by the firm signature sound of Christian Luke. As supported by Drums himself, Dan Castro’s graces the original slight but superbly whilst French Automann puts his own, fully remodeled version twist, still preserving the incredible synth leads of the original.

Avicii & Sebastien Drums – Snus (Remixes) [Vicious Recordings] – Beatport Link
(The remixes was not released in March, just added to the original release)

Avicii & Sebastien Drums – Snus (Christian Luke Remix)
Avicii & Sebastien Drums – Snus (Dan Castro Remix)
Avicii & Sebastien Drums – Snus (Automann Remix)

/Anton & Jesper

Following the globally successful remix of Sgt Slick’s Everyday, Digital Lab teams up with his wingman Pedro Henriques to unveil their sequel to the Vicious single from late January. This time, bringing the Belgium-stationed Yves V on board for another ride towards Australia and Vicious Recordings with the dynamic Forever. With the trenchant mix of acid-aspiring sounds and big room synth leads, this tune is nothing short of awaited.