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Underground hero turned globetrotting British crusader Russ Chimes has dealt in a steady output of Electronic gems from the outset of his career. But mustering the significant attention of Pete Tong on the Essential Selection radio show in mid April, the London born producer ascends the industrious ladder once again with his new record ‘Back To You’.

Dealing a rather refined hand of deep and reverberated House grooves, his thick skinned approach to studio work sees ‘Back To You’ hit the balance between vintage and modern with insatiable energy. But with standout stamina and an array of imperfect leads, Chimes’ latest studio endeavour sets him aside from some of his more monotonous peers without losing that essentially club-worthy edge.

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Update (August 2): The official video has been released

Russ Chimes – Back 2 You

Words by Dan Carter

For all of Sweden’s finite Electronic innovators, few can rival the marvel and creative integrity Eric Prydz has stirred for nation and genre alike. But after years of waiting for a full-length outing to emerge, 2012 sees his infamous Prydz moniker collect a three-disc album of exclusive new material while relishing in the wealth of industry defining anthems that his alternative musical personality has conjured over the past decade.

Having already unveiled such emotively charged exclusives as ‘SW4‘ and the Pete Tong approved ‘Allein‘, ”Eric Prydz Presents Pryda” drives home an array of fresh new material for the benefit of those already romanced by his diversely euphoric stylings. From the solid and darting canvas of dancing leads drawn from previously leaked opening track ‘Shadows’, Prydz embarks on a mission to refine his reputation as House music’s more creative club-floor master. Driving deeper into the ambient realms of Electronic music for ‘Beyond 8’, it is the stern ethnic scope of spine-tingling ‘Javlar’ that hits home the transient diversity that the Swedish icon has continued to master. Returning to the more familiar Progressive play of Pryda with ‘Sunburst’, Prydz attempts to encapsulate the energy of the Mediterranean Sea that he viewed from his summer home in Ibiza while recording the track last summer.

‘Hardrock Lausanne’ then encompasses the mood of a vintage sci-fi soundtrack before transitioning to the delicate vocal stylings of Prydz himself for ‘You’. Ahead of a club orientated nod of adoration to the late Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees in a fresh take on his ‘Mighty Love’ collaboration alongside Dukes Of Sluca partner Andreas Postl, Prydz leaves it up to the emotively charged ‘Leja’ to act as a musical nod to his young daughter by the same name. Rounding off disc one with intimate edits of ‘You’ and his beloved club anthem ‘Pjanoo’, Prydz masterfully fuses an array of styles and genres for what has rightfully been the most highly anticipated collection of tracks for the past decade.

For his retrospective mixes that make up the rest of the album, Prydz breaks the vaults of his musical archive to bring an essential instalment of pertinent classics and personal edits, driving on the likes of ‘Miami To Atlanta’ ‘Muranyi’ and ‘The Gift’ right through to such festival favorites as ‘Inspiration’ and ‘M.S.B.O.Y’. Donning three exclusive edits across the two remaining discs and a further bonus free giveaway of ‘Tijuana’ to those obtain the release legally, Prydz manages to fill the accompanying mixes with as much excitement as his groundbreaking new material for what promises to go down as a landmark for the Swedish House icon and his long serving industry alike.

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For those who purchased the album: obtain your free download of ‘Tijuana’ here.

Listen to what Eric Prydz himself has to say about the album and the tracks off disc 1 on Spotify.

Words by Dan Carter

Not taking their exclusive signing to EMI Music with any half measures, Sweden’s Dimitri Vangelis and Wyman follow up their major label debut ‘Roll The Dice’ with formative summer contender ‘Russia’. Despite being a somewhat misleading a title for the work of Scandinavia’s hottest rising House properties, the duo fuse grinding Electro chords with eclectic lead work to forge a well-oiled amalgamation of Progressive tinted festival fuel. Laced with a consistent shot of adrenaline and some notable production values for the rising Swede hopefuls, a little time at the big top seems to be keeping Vangelis and Wyman rather on track for 2012.

Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman – Russia [EMI Music] – Beatport Link

Words by Dan Carter

Few have championed the Swedish House explosion with as much momentous achievement as longstanding legend Eric Prydz. Forging his legacy well before his genres untimely renaissance, his various musical guises have made for an overtly fuller package of floor-fuelling divinity, while his Pryda and Mouseville imprints have fostered a new generation of Progressive House supremacy alongside his own distinct offerings.

In anticipation for the full release, Eric Prydz and Virgin Records team up with Hype Machine to offer Pryda fans across the globe a chance to listen to the complete first disc seven days ahead of its sought-after release. Built around intricate melodic developments and clusters of atmospheric chords, it is the delicate rhythmic developments that forge this triple CD compilation as the quite possibly most artistic album to ever emerge from an Electronic Dance Music producer. ’SW4‘ and ‘Allein‘ have already hit the digital stores, but if this host of unreleased Pryda gems is any indication, it’s safe to say that the full-length Eric Prydz album dropping later this year will appear pretty epic.

The album will be released on May 21.

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Now more often found pushing the melodic realms of Progressive House through his formidable Pryda moniker, Eric Prydz lets lose another countdown release from his highly anticipated debut album for Virgin Records that will see the light of day next Monday.

Formerly told to be a remix of Nephew’s version of German pop band Polarkreis 18’s 2008 break-through single ‘Allein Allein’, ‘Allein’ sees the Swedish mastermind return to the melodic stylings we all have come to associate and love about Eric Prydz’s beloved Pryda moniker. Bringing his A-game in regular Pryda fashion, the Swede merges blissful and somewhat soothing chords with the German band’s vibrant top line and grinding bass for one of the more prominent gems off the forthcoming triple CD album.

Pryda – Allein [Virgin] – Beatport Link


With just days left to wait for his debut Pryda album, Swedish House stronghold Eric Prydz is still taunting fans with wave-upon-wave of exclusive previews. Returning to the comparatively heavier-set realms than his previously previewed album tracks, ‘Sunburst’ deals in impressively stern leads and consistent energy from the outset, marking an overtly familiar Pryda’s calling card of harmonious Progressive House delicacies.

Premiered for the first time at last years Summerburst festival in Sweden, the months in between have not lessened the tracks dynamic appeal. Based on the scenic view of the Mediterranean Sea that Prydz would often sample from his house in Ibiza, ‘Sunburst’ proves an apt title for this sun kissed offering. As it’s divine melodic developments weave between Prydz’s impromptu echoing samples, ‘Sunburst’ reigns in as one of the more club-orientated previews to emerge ahead of his highly anticipated full-length debut.

‘Sunburst’ is out on May 21.

Words by Dan Carter

With the buzz surrounding his debut Pryda album reaching an all time high enroute to its May 21 release, Eric Prydz lets slip yet another gem from the forthcoming full-length debut in a bid to wet the appetites of his very patient fans.

Led by the warm and familiar canvas of vintage lead work to which Prydz’s Pryda moniker has made its calling card, there is a succinct energy to ‘Hardrock Lausanne’ that reeks of the Swedish icon from the very first beat. As a stalwart contributor to global Dance music, his ongoing relevance both on the club floor and within the modern industry is aptly extenuated with yet another piece of the puzzle that will make up one of Prydz’s most important career landmarks to date.

‘Hardrock Lausanne’ is released on May 21.

Words by Dan Carter

Straight from the heart and soon to appear on his highly anticipated Pryda album, Eric Prydz has but a lot of soul into the tracks that make up his debut full-length endeavour. But exclusively previewed by Zane Lowe on Radio One, a heartfelt tribute to his daughter ‘Leja’ is the latest gem to emerge ahead of its May release.

Described by the Swedish heavyweight himself as something you would expect to hear in an obscure 70’s movie, Prydz’s most down-tempo endeavour to date leads with succinct ambient character throughout. Still sweeping through the divine lead work and robustly tailored melodies that his Pryda moniker has established as its calling card, ‘Leja’ is yet another perfect dimension to the many musical identities Erick Prydz has juggled with such solid integrity over the years.

‘Leja’ is released on May 21.

Words by Dan Carter

Just weeks away from the release of this highly anticipated Pryda album, BBC Radio unveil yet another gem from Swedish House veteran Erick Prydz as he triumphs under the guise of his more melodic studio personality. Formerly known as ‘Latitude’ to those with an ear for his anonymous tracks, ‘Javlar’ extends the excitement for a landmark that his fans have waited ever so patiently for.

Pitting deep and darkly tuned riffs alongside the beautifully ornamented lead work, the track provides an aptly melodic sanctuary of emotive piano riffs and stern beats that echo the very core of what has made the Pryda moniker such a momentous movement in European Dance music. Where fears may have collected that this 3-disc endeavour would become the dumping ground for an array of pointless remixes, ‘Javlar’ is yet another indicator that Prydz still has a lot to shout about where innovative Dance music is concerned.

‘Javlar’ is released on May 21st.

N.B. The track starts at 1:45 in the video above just after an interview with Eric Prydz himself.

Words by Dan Carter

As one of the hottest Swedish House exports to date, Eric Prydz still has a lot of anonymous skeletons in his musical closet. But with the release of his highly anticipated 3-disc debut album under the Pryda moniker, yet another vanishing track has been committed to this landmark release. First appearing in his sets more than four years ago and making a cheeky appearance on his Essential Mix in 2007, Agag is the latest gem to find a comfortable home at Virgin Records for his full-length masterpiece.

Carrying all the warm and vibrant hallmarks of Pryda’s melodically superior Progressive stylings, the years have not taken any value off of this deep and uplifting record of rich instrumental character. Taking the throne alongside the cream of the Pryda crop and a selection of previously unreleased material, ‘Agag’ is yet another indicator that Prydz’s first album is to be more than worth the wait.

‘Agag’ is released on May 21st via Virgin Records.

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Words by Dan Carter