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As club land continues to bow to the vintage appeal of modern Dance music, Munich-based Vincent Fries returns to Kris Menace’s Work It Baby Records for the release of his three-track ‘Only Two’ EP. In a flash of the 80’s orientated style, the warm synth play and nostalgic Electronica grooves that pervade this EP prove a timeless equation for the upcoming Miami season. In one of the more outstanding throwbacks to the age where Electronic intervention was a new and exciting manoeuvre, Fries takes the deeper stylings of nu-disco to an infectious high for the first leg of the New Year.

Out now on Beatport.

With New York’s Lana Del Rey already reigning in as one of the most commonly remixed pop assets of 2012, enigmatic German producer Christophe Hoeffel, better known as Kris Menace is next in line to take on the darker pop stylings of ‘Blue Jeans’.

Already renowned for his multifaceted production output for the likes of Size Records and Permanent Vacation, Del Rey’s emotive stylings prove the perfect peak of imagination for Hoeffel’s deep Electronic sound. Pitting deep and dark melodic swells alongside the original’s haunting top line, it is Hoeffel’s calm and collected approach that makes his take on ‘Blue Jeans’ one of the more accomplished remixes for Lana Del Rey to date.

Beatport Link

Words by Dan Carter

Headlined by the immensely catchy Loving Someone Else single which rendered the Welsh duo’s first high-end prosperities in early February, Vanguard releases their very first EP on Work It Baby Records named Oysters In The Half Shell. Their refined twist to French touch has most certainly caught some attention lately thanks to their takes on Uptown Beat and Eskimo Boy as well as their Morning Light single from April. Not only is the dynamics of the four piece-package as brilliant as it could be, consisting of four very distinguished tunes, the productions themselves are some serious proofs of top notch appeals for your aural cavities.

Vanguard – Oysters In The Half Shell EP [Work It Baby Records] – Beatport Link


The shooting-stars from the United Kingdom, James Thomas and Tom Morgan, are the forces behind the brilliant project – Vanguard. Representing the true spirit of the French-house genre – or as they themselves would like to call it, Welsh House – they deliver a feel-good anthem called Loving Someone Else. An amazing and groovy piece, available now through Work It Baby Records!

Vanguard – Loving Someone Else [Work It Baby Records] – Beatport Link